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7 People Max Per Session.

$429 to $399

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4 month plan ( lean to mean)

$299 TO $279

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8 month plan ( starter to fit)

8 year Anniversary Special


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12  month plan 

Valid only from july 1st 2020 to AUG 15TH 2020

(12 months must be paid in full)

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MON  : 5:30 am | 6:15 am | 8:30am        |                      5:30 pm | 6:15 pm | 6:45 pm |715PM     7:45pm|815PM

TUE: 8:30AM

5:30 pm|6:15 pm|6:45pm| 7:15pm|7:45pm|8:15pm

WED :  5:30 am | 6:15 am | 8:30am

 5:30 pm | 6:00 pm | 6:30PM 


5:30pm|6:15 pm|6:45 pm|7:15 pm |7:45pm| 8:15pm

FRI: 5:30 am | 6:15 am | 8:30am|

 5:30 pm | 6:00 pm | 6:30 pm | 7:00 pm 


1. Personalize Your Training 



Heart  Rate Monitored HIIT is all about reaching your personal fitness goals. HRM   HIIT provides you with your own personal yardstick to measure intensity by monitoring your inbuilt measuremant apparatus into account- your heart ♥ rate. Whether you are trying to get more competitive in your sports, live a healthier life, tone your body or lose that extra body fat, you will need to be able to measure accurately how you are doing.


2. Know Your  


Your heart ♥ has a maximum heart ♥ rate; this varies per person and is dependent on your genetics, your age and your gender. Knowing your maximum heart rate allows you to do your HRM  HIIT through your hearts  full range. It allows you to measure the intensity of your intervals as well as giving yourself the correct time to recover. The more accurate your HRM  HIIT is the more efficiently you will be using your workouts and the faster you will reach your goals of being faster, stronger and leaner.









Accurate measurements are made by a heart ♥ rate monitor, this device detects your ECG (electrocardiogram - the electric signal originating from your heart ♥ ) and sends an electromagnetic signal to the receiver device.



















Our state of the art facility provides you with real time accurate information of your heart  rate while you are exercising. This allows you to tailor your workouts exactly what you desire and you can train at your ideal intensity, customized for your body and for your HIIT goals.


3. Track Your Progress


Not only will you get up to date real time information while you are doing your HRM  HIIT routines but you can measure and monitor your progress over weeks and months. Your improvements are recorded in facts and figures, as you get fitter your resting heart rate decreases. 



Including HRM  HIIT will gauge when to start the next interval based solely on your body rather than specific times, so you start your next interval only when your drops into a particular zone. As a result each HIIT routine is customized for your body and how it is feeling on each consecutive day. You have a much safer measure of gauging what your body can put up with and what it can’t.

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Heart ♥  Rate Monitored High Intensity Interval Training 

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